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Executive coaching

to bring out the best in you and your team.

You spend 60+ hours a week at the office or glued to your work phone ….  



Ideally, you’re in a career that lights you up inside. Because while your executive paycheck is important (gotta pay those bills!), you’re also here to love what you do and do it well. You want to have purpose, feel challenged and inspired, and stay on the path toward bigger and better milestones. Otherwise, you may as well just be punching a clock!

You’re also a born leader who values your team.

You’ve had some out-of-touch bosses who struggled to understand or communicate with their team, burned their people out, and failed to cultivate a healthy work environment.


Instead, you want to support your team’s growth and see your people succeed at every level.


You also know that the healthier and happier your team members are, the more engaged and productive they’ll be.

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I specialize in...

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That’s why you’re an advocate for executive coaching,
to help keep your team:

➤ Motivated and engaged in their work. 

➤ Excited to come into the office every day. 

➤ Connected to the company’s greater purpose. 

➤ Calm, stress-free, and in good health. 

Not only will this promote a more efficient, smooth-running team...

but there will be less employee turnover – saving your company the significant time, stress, and cost of replacing good people. 

Choose Your Coaching Adventure 


Depending on the unique needs of your organization, you can opt for individual, group, or special event coaching & speaking.


Once we discuss your vision, 

I’ll provide a customized quote to serve you best.




→ In-person or virtual coaching with direct, 1:1 access to me to help you enhance your leadership skills, incorporate well-being into your routine, and be the type of leader everyone wants to follow.



→ Online or onsite workshops to foster deeper engagement, stronger communication skills, and better productivity among your team. 



→ Innovative sessions to shake up a stale workplace, inspire your people, and promote new ways of thinking. 

"I learned how mindfulness and self-care can translate into a professional environment. This workshop was a refreshing and welcome reminder of how resilience and compassion are essential tools for creating positive and fulfilling experiences."

- H.M.

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I’m Sarah –  

Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker. 


I’ve spent the last 20 years in the healthcare and technology space, and now coach busy professionals. I’ve seen workplaces that get it right … and workplaces that don’t. 


As an Executive Coach, I help leaders like you improve team effectiveness and connection through verbal and non-verbal communication techniques – whether your goal is to increase engagement, improve client experience, or overall company culture; connection and communication are the cornerstones.

My goal is to not only help you thrive in your own career, but to nurture an environment that’s healthier and happier for everyone on the team.


From there, increased productivity and profits are the norm! 

  • How is your coaching different?
    I meet you where you’re at and empower you to find your inner strength versus forcing you into a one-size-fits-all box. Even though I tap into complex modalities (i.e., cognitive-behavioral, evidence-based, and solution-focused approaches), I keep things simple, enjoyable, and accessible. I mean, let's face it. If you aren't experiencing results and the tools aren't accessible, you're not going to do it. Right? I get it. I've got you.
  • How much time should I be ready to dedicate to this?
    We’ll have three calls per month, and each call will be 55 minutes long. You should also set aside 5 to 10 minutes each day for a simple-but-powerful exercise and daily reflection. Any other time is optional and will support your growth.
  • How do I know if I’m a good fit for your coaching?
    For starters, you’re ready to take action! You’re committed to giving yourself the space and time for personal growth because you see the VALUE in prioritizing your well-being. You’re also tired of feeling stuck, exhausted, self-conscious – or any other emotion that’s sabotaging your happiness.
  • What exactly can you help me with?
    That’s up to you! What’s the one thing that you feel stuck, frustrated, or unsettled about in your life right now? Maybe it’s your health, stress levels, relationships, career, or something entirely different. I’ll help you get out of your own way and achieve the transformation you desire.
  • Why should I invest in myself now?
    Let me ask you this: Would you hesitate to give your family or friends more of your time & energy? Would you tell your daughter or best friend she isn't worth the investment? As women, we often don’t think twice about meeting other people’s needs. What about you? I’ll show you how to start valuing the wonderful person you are so you can create greater happiness from within.
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A healthier, happier workplace starts here. 

Ready to empower your career, engage your people, 

and elevate your company’s profits? 

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