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All the people-pleasers 

in the room …. please stand up.

Hey, I’m Sarah. 



Years ago, I’d be the one getting up from my chair, raising my hand, and admitting to my chronic people-pleasing. Guilty as charged!


So, I get it.

I know what it’s like to:

If you’re nodding along, I know you have the best intentions.

You give because you care!


But if you don’t stop to listen to your body or prioritize your own needs, you’ll be on a one-way flight to burnout, health issues, and whatever else chronic stress throws your way.


(Again, speaking from experience!)

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Spoiler Alert

You don’t have to settle, be exhausted or reach your breaking point. 


You can make time and space to focus on your well-being. And if you don’t know where to start or how to fit in, I’ll guide you through the process!


Here’s a bit more about me.

Before coaching professional women, I spent 20 years in oncology as a healthcare clinician and consultant. It’s no wonder I ended up burning myself out; I was giving to everyone, working overtime, and always making myself available to friends and family members whenever they needed me. 


I *literally* put everyone’s needs before my own, and I paid a heavy price for it.

Stress was hiding in plain sight. 

In 2007, I started experiencing health issues resulting in debilitating symptoms, multiple exploratory surgeries, and strict diets. 

As it turns out, chronic stress was the culprit. 

The “funny” part (if you can call it that) was that I didn’t even realize I was stressed! I was so used to my crazy pace of life and the pressure I put on myself that I thought the way I felt was normal! 

(NEWSFLASH: It wasn’t. Let’s not allow the pressures of life to consume you either. Cool?)

Now I focus on what makes me happy, feel healthy and sets the example of how to be a strong woman for my daughter, 

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Cue the happy, healthy ending. 

Yoga and mindfulness started the journey that changed my life.

I  started doing yoga, and it was first time I received permission to listen to my body and make choices based on how I felt. This kick started my journey toward mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology to better understand how to be in tune with my body.

The best part...I'm not the only one who benefitted from my journey. I use these tools to lead my team, to better communicate with those around me, and to demonstrate resilience and self-regulation at home. 


You can make time and space to focus on your well-being. And if you don’t know where to start or how to fit in, I’ll guide you through the process!

Today, my life feels so much more calm, present, and put together
– words I never would’ve used to describe myself previously. 


I even feel healthier than I did in my 20s!

I know how to manage my energy, maintain healthy boundaries, and prioritize my well-being without feeling like those around me are suffering or without drowning in guilt. If there’s one word that encapsulates this feeling, it’s this:


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Here's Where You Come In...

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the years so that you, too, can be more in tune with your body and prioritize your physical and emotional wellness. 

No need to spend decades researching, training, and looking for answers like I did. With my customized coaching, you can benefit from what I’ve already learned, tailored specifically to your needs.



To empower you, so together, we can inspire others.

The Reviews Are In...

- H.M.

"I learned how mindfulness and self-care can translate into a professional environment. This workshop was a refreshing and welcome reminder of how resilience and compassion are essential tools for creating positive and fulfilling experiences."

Gerry Rodriguez, Director Sharp Health

“Patients and quality care are our top priority. Cancer Journey addresses an unmet need in our industry. We look forward to helping our patients thrive by supporting them in all aspects of their care.”

- A. Stein

“I realized it's important to celebrate any accomplishment whether it be big or small.”


Coffee, positivity, and these credentials: 

➤ Certified Practitioner in Applied Positive Psychology (The Flourishing Center)

➤ Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator (Mindful Leader)

➤ Empowerment and Self-Compassion Instructor (Mindful-Based Healing)

➤ Certified Life and Accountability Coach Through IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

➤ Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga One)

➤ Meditation Instructor and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

Image by Mathyas Kurmann

Behind The Scenes

When I’m not working, I enjoy all things learning. It’s why I’m usually checking out a yoga class, braving a cold plunge or reading at least one transformative book at any given time. But don’t think I’m immune to a good guilty-pleasure experience, too. (Cue savoring an oat milk mocha or some yummy dark chocolate.)  


I also love everything about the beach, dance parties with my daughter, traveling, and trying new things – so long as I can come back to my trusted routine. 


*happy sigh*

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Are you leading a team? Running A business or a household?

Has doing ALL the things and caring for ALL the people zapped your energy or put you in survival mode?

(If you regularly drop your phone on your face in bed, that’s a YES and we need to talk!)

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